Can you believe we’re officially halfway through the year?  Yes, July is here, which means we have entered the last six months of 2020.

The beginning of 2020 may have felt exciting for you as we entered into a new decade and you set new goals and intentions for the months ahead, but then our world and economy shifted in a big way. The pandemic happened, quarantine orders were put in place and a civil rights movement gained new momentum, making history.  The likelihood that all of these shifts affected the goals you set at the beginning of 2020 is high, which means that most of us are not experiencing the year we made plans for or expected.   

But while it may sound, feel and look like everything is out of control, peace can be found in knowing that God is still in control. Perhaps we just need to shift our perspective and see how the events happening in 2020 are actually setting us up for the next decade.

Yes, we’ve all been shaken, but we are still here.  Half of the year is gone, but half is still to be lived.  We still have purpose. 

And the invitation is still there to align with what the Father is doing in the world and understand our unique part.  So, will you accept the invitation?  Will you receive new marching orders from the One who’s in control with the fresh momentum He alone can supply?

Be kind to yourself and intentionally set aside some time to revisit your plans, talk with your Father and pivot where necessary using the following journal prompts to help you reexamine and recalibrate your goals for the rest of 2020.  

  1. What goals did you set that have needed to shift due to the circumstances of 2020?  Is it still possible to accomplish them?  What modifications might need to be made? 
  2. Are there any goals that you need to let go of?  
  3. If there are goals to be let go of, how does this make you feel?  Take time to breathe, grieve if necessary and release any disappointment to your Father.  
  4. What new goals do you need to set in light of the first 6 months of the year?  List them out here.  
  5. Are you in a season of discovery?  If so, write about it here. What options can you explore?  
  6. Are you in a season of preparation?  If so, how are you showing up with intention?
  7. How can you show up better for yourself as you prepare for what’s ahead?  
  8. Are you in a season of learning?  If so, how can you immerse yourself fully into this season?  
  9. Are you launching something new?  If so, how are you prioritizing your time to get it done?  
  10. Do you believe that God is still in control, even in the midst of the uncertainty of this current season?  Does your mindset reflect this truth?  Do your actions reflect this truth?
  11. How do you see God setting you up for the next decade?
  12. How has your response to the events of the last 6 months helped you understand yourself in a deeper way?  Are there any changes you want to make?  Any habits you want to intentionally form? 
  13. How have you grown in the last 6 months? 
  14. How have you struggled in the last 6 months? 
  15. What are your top three goals for the next 90 days? 
  16. Who can you tell about your top three goals?  Can they help you in accomplishing your goals? 
  17. Where can you focus 20% of your activities to produce 80% of your desired results?

May you give yourself permission to do the work God is calling you to focus on in this season. May you let go of the lie that you can’t accomplish much this year. There’s still so much ahead. May you let go of overwhelm. Let go of perfection. Embrace progress: Poco a poco, little by little.  Progress is built one small step at a time.