“You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.”C.S. Lewis

When is the last time you let yourself dream, allowed your God given imagination to roam and then with intention set a goal around that dream?  There are times when dreams seem to flow –  when life feels steady, opportunities abound and you can see clear paths going forward.  It feels good to dream during those times, when uncertainty hasn’t rocked your world, because the possibility of them coming true is easier to imagine.  Other times, it feels futile to dream.  You feel stuck, and failure is an easier outcome to imagine because the way forward is muddier and less straight.  But, we can’t let ourselves stop dreaming, stop setting goals.  Dreams push us forward, and those who pursue their dreams are the ones who change the world.

When we are stuck, this is the time we need our dreams even more. 

We need to push back against the resistance we feel and intentionally give our imaginations space because the key to becoming unstuck just might lie within those locked up spaces of our minds and hearts.  

So, let’s do something together here and push back against the uncertainty that wants to stifle our ability to dream, and let’s dream. 

We’ve put together the following journal prompts to hopefully inspire you to dream a little and encourage you to set some new goals, even if life feels uncertain.  Let’s say yes to our imaginations, listen to our hearts and see what God might birth in the process.  

  1. Is there a dream that you’ve carried in your heart for a long time?  What is it?  
  2. If you have had a long time dream that you have yet to pursue, take a moment to reflect on why, and then ask God if now is the time to give it a try? Write your reflection and prayer below.  
  3. If you pursue this dream, what intentional goals do you need to set to help you see it come to fruition?
  4. Take a moment right now to breathe. As you relax your mind and body, what thoughts come to your mind?
  5. If you could do anything right now, what would it be? 
  6. Imagine that you are 85 years old and reflecting on your life. What do you hope is true of the life you lived? This is a dream you have for your life. So, what goals can you set to move toward this dream of a life well-lived? 
  7. Are there daily practices you can be intentional to pursue that will help you build towards that legacy?  For example, being a woman of great faith comes from time spent in prayer, reading the Word and obeying what God gives you to do. Being hospitable requires an open door (even if it has to be virtual at times).  
  8. Obstacles and challenging circumstances are a fact of life, and the ones you are facing right now will not be the last ones you face in your life. It may be that we are unable to eliminate some of the roadblocks at this time, but acknowledging them is important for our mental health because ignoring them increases their power to keep us stuck. So, what are the roadblocks in front of you right now that are keeping you from dreaming and setting new goals?
  9. Are there any creative workarounds to the roadblocks you are facing? 
  10. When we invite others into our dreams, we place value on our dreams. They become more real. Who can you invite into this dream? Is there a way that a trusted friend, mentor or coach could help you set intentional goals and see this dream come true? 
  11. What activities can you incorporate into your life that will foster your creativity and give your imagination space to play?  Journaling? Spending time outside? Art? Reading? Going for walks
  12. Take a moment to pray and commit your dreams to God. Ask Him to inspire your imagination and fuel your dreams with hope that no roadblock can stop what He ordains for you to accomplish.  

At Grit & Virtue, we are a community of women on mission.  We cannot let our dreams be sidelined by challenging circumstances.  The world needs our voice.  The world needs our imagination.  May we, with fierce determination and complete dependence on our Father who created us, push forward and see what dreams He has for us, trusting Him to make the way.      


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