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Be Original

We prefer to publish pieces that haven’t been published anywhere else, including personal or professional blogs, with the exception that the original piece be modified to fit our audience well.

Be Inclusive

You’ll notice that most of our articles are reader-focused. More “You”s and “We”s than “I”s and “Me”s. Grit & Virtue is a place where women come to learn and grow, so be sure your article reflects the posture of serving and giving value.

Be Credible

Write on a topic that is true and authentic to you. Be sure to properly credit others for quotes, research, and ideas where necessary.

Be Concise

Our posts are between 700-1100 words. So make every word count.


Career & Business

What do women on a mission need to know about elevating their career or building a business? As leaders and change makers in their roles, find a topic that allows you to connect, educate, and challenge them to grow professionally and walk confidently in the marketplace.

Relationship & Family

What do women on a mission need to know about managing relationships, marriage, and motherhood? Share what you’ve discovered through the different stages and seasons of your life to remind women that they are not alone.


Are you a subject matter expert? Then share practical, how-to content with our audience. A few examples of how-to articles we publish focus on the topics of money, mindset, and momentum in every area of life. What are some relevant tips and strategies that they can include in their workflow to improve their lives for the better?


Our women are balancing many roles. Therefore, what tips, hacks and systems can you introduce to them so they can save more time. From organization to goal setting, share your expertise to help them lighten their load.


Women on a mission need lots of ideas and suggestions on how to care for their heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. What insights can you provide in the areas of self-care and soul-care practices?


What do women on a mission need to know about becoming spiritually confident? Dive deep into the word, and let God lead you as you pour into the lives of our readers.

Lastly, remember Grit & Virtue is the go-to place focused on personal development for modern-day women. Our mission is to equip women on a mission to build unstoppable momentum, become spiritually confident and to never feel alone on the journey.

Our collective goal is to help women live well, and on purpose, in every season of life!

Approval Process

We receive countless submissions every month and each article is taken through an evaluation process. Please be patient with us as we review all of the amazing entries. Also note that submitting an article doesn’t guarantee publication.

However, if and when your article is selected, we’ll contact you and provide an estimated timeline for when you can expect your article to go live across our entire platform.

Thank you for your consideration in joining us as we reach women across the world.

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