As modern women, we know that you are motivated to shatter glass ceilings, make an impact in the world, all while becoming the best version of yourself. However, we know that when we step out and into what we’re meant to do, fear begins to rear its ugly head. We also know that we can’t move forward without confronting our insecurities, doubts and false identities. God does not want us to walk in fear.  In fact, the call to not fear is one of the most repeated instructions to the believer throughout the Bible, but how exactly do we do that?  How do we let go of fear and find peace – even when our fears are justifiable or actually come true?

We get it, and we are in this with you.  We are a community of women made up of go-getters, change-makers, and trailblazers, who are not okay with the status quo. We cannot ignore fear or pretend it’s not there. 

But together we can flip the script on fear, overcome it and find the courage to do it afraid if we have to.  And hopefully, we’ll find peace in the midst of the process as well.  

So, if you are ready to confront the fear and move forward into all you were created to be and do, begin by having an honest conversation with yourself using these 25 journal prompts below:

Questions to ask at the Onset of Fear

 1.  Is this fear a warning sign telling me to stop something I am doing or about to start doing? Or is this fear being imposed on me by others or myself in order to keep me from doing what I need to do?  

2.  Is this fear rational or irrational?  Is it based on facts or fiction? If it is based on facts, what are those facts?  If it is based on fiction, what are the actual facts?  

3.  Is this fear probable or improbable?

4.  Is there anything that I can do to diminish the possibility of what I fear actually happening?  Extra planning, preparation, people who can help or changes to be made?  

5.  Is the thing I am fearing something that is necessary?  Does it actually need to happen? If so, waiting will only increase the fear.  What do I need to do in order to accomplish what is necessary despite the fear I feel?  

6.  Have I prayed about this fear?  Take a moment to write out a prayer here, asking God to help you find peace and see clearly any actions you need to take.   

Fear of Failure

7.  If I knew that failure was not an option, what would I start doing right now? 

8.  If I keep doing what I am already doing, change nothing and start nothing new, what will happen?  Am I okay with that? What might I miss out on? 

9.  If I fail, how will I recover?  Instead of thinking about failure in vague terms, write out what might actually happen.  Then, write out how you can recover from that, coming back stronger and more confident than before you failed.  

10.  If I succeed, what will happen? Give yourself a strong mental picture of what success could look like, giving yourself a powerful motivation to push through the risk of failure.  

11.  Is my identity and self worth tied to being successful? If so, why? 

12.  Is this something that God is leading me to do?  How so? Knowing this does not guarantee success always, but knowing you are being obedient will build confidence, even if there is a risk of failure.  

Fear of Others

13.  As I interact with others, whether in person, through text messages, phone calls or social media, am I thinking a lot about what they think of me?  

14.  Do I think about conversations for a while after they’ve happened? If so, what am I thinking about?  How does this make me feel? 

15.  Is there anything that I am hiding from others that I am afraid they will find out?  What will happen if they do find out? 

16.  Have I given others a chance to get to know the real me?  Why not? Who is a safe person to reach out to and be my authentic self with? 

17.  If a person has a negative opinion of me, how will that actually impact my day to day life? 

18.  Is my identity and self worth tied to others liking me?  If so, why? 

19.  God’s opinion of you is what matters most.  Take a moment to remind yourself of what He says about you, and own this identity that your Father has bestowed on you, His daughter.  

Fear in Relationships

20.  Is there a relationship in my life now that causes fear?  Why? 

21.  If there is a relationship that is causing fear, do I need to remain in this relationship?  Do I need to set boundaries?  (Please, if you are in an emotionally, spiritually or physically abusive relationship, please seek help and get to a place of safety.)

22.  What am I afraid of in this relationship?  Asking questions? Sharing a different opinion?  Their response to me? The relationship ending? The relationship growing?  Has this person given me any reason to believe that they would respond to me negatively? 

23.  What do I have to gain if this relationship continues and grows?  What do I have to lose if this relationship ends? 

24.  Is my self worth and identity tied to this relationship? 

25.  God gives us the gift of relationships.  Healthy relationships can encourage us, challenge us to be better versions of ourselves, help us through difficult times and draw us closer to our Father.  How can you better pursue healthy relationships? 


We pray that these journal prompts help as you confront fear, process the emotions you are feeling, and then release it all to your good Father, who has great things in store for you.  Peace in the midst of fear ultimately comes from Him. He’s walking this road with you – always. He sees you, cares for you and is waiting to give you peace over fear.