Imago Dei. The image of God. It’s a theological term uniquely used to describe the relationship between humans and God. God created humans in His image. (Genesis 1:26-27) And, He created them equal. In this sacred beginning, no rank was given to anyone. “In the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

Breathe this truth in: You are valuable, worthy, made for a purpose, beautiful, able, and formed in the image of Abba Father.

But, this world is sinful and broken, so that truth has unfortunately not been the reality for too many for too long. We know that the recent events are not new unfortunately, they just have a spotlight shining on them, forcing more people to see and listen to what many have been saying for too long.

Justice is defined as “conformity to truth, fact, or reason: correctness.” So, if the truth is that all people are created in the image of God and seen as wonderful and equal in His eyes, but the reality is that black people are not treated in this way by others who are also made in the image of God, then justice is not present. Injustice has taken its place. Our reality is not aligned with God’s truth. God loves justice – conformity to His truth – and is opposed to injustice. (Psalm 33:5)

And, He is not just opposed to injustice. He takes action. God, the maker of heaven and earth, “executes justice for the oppressed” and “opens the eyes of the blind.” He “raises up those who are bowed down.” (Psalm 146: 6-8) And as image-bearers, we are to imitate Christ, which means we seek justice and take action for the oppressed.

To the wise, intelligent, resilient, beautiful, black women in our community living in this painful reality that conflicts with the truth of how God created you: we feel and know that you are weary. You are exhausted.

But we also know that you are the beloved daughter of the King. He is for you. He loves you. He is at work, so we pray you can trust Him. We pray that you can lean on Him and find rest. We know this road is far from over, but He promises to be with you, to sustain you and give your overtired soul rest.

We are with you. We are for you.

A Blessing for the Journey:

May you give yourself permission to guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. May you embrace and amplify your true identity so that the fiery darts thrown by a broken society never come close to piercing your being. May you know to your core that you are worthy, loved and made in the image of our Creator. Lean on wisdom to discern which conversations to engage with and which ones to surrender. Follow His unforced rhythms of grace as you continue in your work. May the efforts of your hands bear effective fruit for you, your family and our world. May you never grow weary in doing good so that you can reap the harvest. Never give up. May you move forward confidently, trusting the One who goes before you in every battle.