It seems our current culture tends to encourage a life of busyness rather than fullness. A life that is lived at full speed as opposed to living fully. Hustling and bustling through our days appears to be the new normal.

Where do you find yourself today? Do your days feel more busy than full? Are you overwhelmed and wish you had more time? You are not alone. A life of fullness, when you are experiencing a sense of peace and purpose, is deep down what we all crave. Fullness looks like just enough but not too much. A place of harmony.

However, the reality is that your time is constantly under tension. Tension points, which often look like demands, distractions, and decisions, can and will impact how you choose to spend your time. The good news is that the way you navigate these pressures will be the deciding factor between your days being either blurred with busyness or filled with fullness. 

To experience a full life, you need to be an intentional gatekeeper, you need to know how to respond to the tensions around your time.


When my children were toddlers, I felt like I was in high demand! Nursing felt like a part-time job, and loading up the car for a trip to Target felt more like packing for a five-day vacation. My time often felt stretched too thin because I had three little people depending on me, and I truly didn’t want it any other way. In this particular season, with the tensions (and many blessings) that came along with parenting littles, I had to learn how to protect time for “me.” 

To help refill my cup and be more available to the demands from my children, I made a point to get out for an occasional girls’ night out, napped when my babies napped, and also scheduled a weekly yoga class on my calendar. By carving out time for myself, time to recharge, it meant that I had more energy and was better equipped to meet the demands of motherhood.

When you examine your schedule, begin by assessing your current season of life. Consider the demands on your present season and the specific guardrails you may need in order to help safeguard your time and energy. There will always be demands on you and your time.

Knowing the difference between what is necessary or unnecessary for you to respond to with intention is the key to planning your time well.


Distractions are everywhere. Beeps, notifications, flashes, and ring tones seem to be constantly going off. Others need you and want you, whether in person or via a screen. While you can’t eliminate all distractions, what you can do, is clearly communicate your boundaries. 

When it comes to people, whether it’s your co-workers, children, or neighbors – work to articulate your specific needs. You can effectively lessen many distractions by simply stating your boundaries.

When it comes to screens, use your device as a time-tool rather than a time thief. Eliminate notifications, turn off your ringer, or put down your device from time-to-time. These three steps will help you to be more fully present. Striving to maintain a healthy level of distraction will allow you to stay on task and be present. Minimizing interruptions helps to maximize time!


One of my goals last year was to say yes less. I’m a yes girl by nature. I get excited about opportunities and offerings. I also tend to have a high energy level so it’s common for me to be up for any and all requests.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the Lord gave me lots of practice with this one! It meant saying no when asked to join the PTA, turning down a board position with a non-profit, and telling the soccer team that I couldn’t be the team manager. These were not easy things to say no to. Each of these requests were all things I could have taken on, but after praying about them and looking over my priorities for the year, I was able to discern that none of them had a place on my schedule. They weren’t the right fit for me – at this time. They weren’t my priorities, for now. 

By making a deliberate choice to say no I was choosing to say yes to my other priorities, those things that I knew ranked higher in importance and were specifically what I was being called to do.

Remember, saying no is more than ok!

You can and should be saying no to those pressures (demands, distractions, decisions) that aren’t aligning up with your current season. You are the gatekeeper of your time, so guard it with intention.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

If you desire less busyness and more fullness, and want to experience increased peace and purpose, it’s important to recognize how these tensions around your time and choices impact your schedule. You have a limited capacity. Understanding how to maneuver through these potential pitfalls can and will make all the difference in your ability to be able to manage your time, and manage it well.  

You can choose a life that is full and fruitful, instead of busy and blurred. Choose well! Seek less hustle, more harmony.