There is a time and a place for all things, and nowhere is this clearer than in the changing of the seasons. The earth’s seasons are natural, designated times of change, and provide us with fresh surroundings, hopes and inspiration. With each transition, we’re able to experience the earth’s gifts and wonders anew, and in turn, to see ourselves in light of these new changes.

As we move from summer into fall, we abandon hot weather, green gardens, and fast paced schedules in exchange for cool air, colorful leaves, and slower, shorter days. Autumn is a time of rest, renewal, and rejoicing, a time to come home and re-ground ourselves. What better season to build positive momentum in our work, relationships, and personal lives?

Looking to nature as our inspiration, we’ve created a list of ideas below to help intentionally make the most of this new period—from taking time to simply appreciate the fall foliage to cultivating new habits and goals for ourselves during the months ahead.



As we settle into fall, nature invites us to transition from a time of labor into a time of rest. It beckons us to put down our work for a while and to savor the fruits of summer’s harvest. Find peace in the slower, calmer pace of life that the season offers.

  • Create a fall reading nook with blankets and candles
  • Go out for a walk and collect colored leaves
  • Take a deep breath and relish the cool, crisp air
  • Sip spiced cider on the porch
  • Turn off the electronics and watch the sunrise or sunset



Each fall, we see the birds beginning their migration south in preparation for winter – ushering in a time of preparation and new beginnings. Likewise, fall for us is the perfect time to set new intentions, routines, and work habits to prepare ourselves to reach our goals for the coming months.

  • Uproot bad habits and re-evaluate commitments
  • Set 5 new personal, work, and health goals to accomplish
  • Find a regular meeting time with a mentor and stick to it
  • Encourage peers and friends in their new endeavors
  • Reach out and rekindle old friendships



There’s no surer sign of fall than the changing colors of the leaves. From deep golds to rich crimsons to vivid plums, fall’s  foliage makes it the most vibrant, colorful season. Take delight in nature’s last, loveliest smile before winter arrives, and rejoice in the abundance of fall’s splendour.

  • Visit an apple orchard (and bake an apple pie afterward)
  • Stock up on fresh squash and brussels sprouts at the farmers market
  • Participate in local fall festivals and events
  • Give thanks for the blessings of the season
  • Host a potluck dinner with friends


What are your favorite fall activities? How will you make the most of this season?

Amy Cummins
Amy Cummins

Amy Cummins is a writer and marketing professional based in Los Angeles. She is passionate about creating meaningful dialogue and empowering women through her writing, which has been featured on The Huffington Post, Darling Magazine, Milk & Honey Magazine, among several others.

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