3 Ways to walk with God as Your Life Coach

The pursuit of the good life is a spiritual journey.

Yes, money is a part of it.
You should have a booming business and career, for sure.
Yes, doing more of what you love is at the heart of what’s good about your life.
You should be totally in love with what you do.
But, there is nothing more spiritual than finding out who you are and why you’re here. The discovery of those two things is what the good life is really made of.

So we search… through books, blogs, conferences and courses we seek the meaning of life. Who am I? Why am I here? What was I born to do? Ever find yourself asking those questions? I’m pretty sure you have. And those of us who can’t afford to find ourselves while backpacking in Europe, or discover real purpose while on a year-long missions trip, we need a little help figuring it all out.

Life coaching, business mentorship and even therapy are awesome resources. I am, in fact, the last person to frown on any of that, really. I have a degree in Psychology and I’ve served as a mentor for more than 10 years. The thing is: we often forget to check in with the greatest resource we have—God.

Come on, whom better to consult with about your life than the one who created you?

I remember searching… there was a period in my life when I questioned everything, including the reason for my own existence. Being a brown girl from the projects with limited resources, and a very blurry vision of the good life, I needed guidance. When I couldn’t find it in the form of a traditional family, or positive reinforcements, I turned to God; and He has been coaching me through life ever since.

You may not come from the projects. Maybe you’re a suburban girl. Maybe you’re a city chick. Maybe you’re a country babe. Regardless, at some point you’re going to need some real guidance.

What if you invited God on your journey? What if He was your life coach? Here are 3 ways to get you started:


Questioning your life, your business, or your purpose? Ask God. Through prayer and quiet petition, you open the lines of communication between you and God. There is so much wisdom to gain from the creator and when you ask questions, he gives answers. Ask him about your life, your purpose, and how to make things happen in your life. Don’t forget to ask for what you want the most.

Check in.

Once you’ve asked, look for the answers. One of the biggest mistakes we make with prayer petitions is that we don’t follow up. We ask God about finding our purpose and pursuing the desires of our hearts, and then we open our eyes and move on with life—hoping things will just fall into place.

Think about it like this: you submit a business proposal, via email, at 9am Monday morning. If you’re anything like me, you’re checking your email every 15 minutes starting at 9:15am. You asked… so you anticipate the answer, right? The same applies to asking your life coach for guidance. Ask, and then anticipate the answer. Check in with God regularly.

Be coachable.

The answers are going start rolling in, and you’re going to be flooded with seeds of opportunity. But only if you’re open and willing.

One evening, you’re going to be sound asleep and God will begin to reveal things to you through dreams. You’ll be minding your business, commuting into the office, and a billboard sign will inspire your next big idea. You’ll get blog ideas on the elliptical machine, tweet posts will come to mind while you’re chopping up your veggies, and right in the middle of a conversation with a good friend, your newest hashtag will be born. Take it all in. Absorb all of that inspiration.

Those dreams, ideas, and visions are the keys to fulfilling your purpose. They secure your entry into the good life. Don’t sit on that potential. Take the gifts, talents, abilities, dreams, visions, and desires that God has given you, and use them. Go make things happen. That is your contribution to the world. God has placed so much goodness inside of you. It’s for your benefit and His glory.

When you find yourself searching for meaning, for purpose, guidance, and for the good life, ask God. He is generous with His wisdom. (James 1:5)

A quick exercise in seeking God’s wisdom, daily:

  • Every morning, take out a journal and write out your questions for God.
  • Throughout the day, be on the lookout for any answers you may get.
  • Before going to bed at night, pick up that same journal and write down any new ideas, thoughts, and other inspirations you have received during the day. AND… don’t forget to act on them.

Try this exercise for a week, and come back and share your experiences.

How do you treat God in your relationship with Him? Do you only come to him with the big problems, or do you treat him like a coach who walks with you daily?

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  • Anastasia Young

    That actually REALLY good advice…not that I ever find bad advice here. But for some reason I never thought of a way to remember what I had been praying. This will be SO helpful in being intentional and really seeing God move in my life.
    Exactly what I need!

    • Grit and Virtue is a really good resource, for sure Anastasia.

      I’m so pumped that you will be “checking in” to follow up on those prayers from now on.

      I’m excited about your life!

  • Sophia

    Yes! Love this piece. Nakeia thank you for sharing this perspective. Your heart shines through your words. 😉

    • Thanks Sophia!
      I appreciate your kind words.

  • Kaitlyn Hiltz

    Amen. This is some great stuff. Loved the paragraph on being coachable and the journaling exercise. Thanks, Nakeia!

    • Thanks Kaitlyn!
      It’s so good to know we don’t have to do it all on our own.

  • Thank you for your wisdom and servant’s heart. I love the exercise you recommend. Sending many blessings to you and your family!

    • Thank you so much Rachel!
      Happy that you liked the exercise.
      I’ll take those blessings and send some back your way.

  • Nonye U

    A friend shared this with me and kept praising your website. This is my first email from you guys and I am so grateful. This lesson guides what you teach! Simple, and doable. I am so excited. Thank you!

    • This website is so so good Nonye!

      “Simple, and doable” is the ultimate compliment. Thank you.

  • DianaCyrill

    Love this post!!!! Thank you!!!

  • DianaCyrill

    Love this post!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Thank you for the reminder Nakeia. I’m so quick to tell other people to ‘pray about it’ but then when it comes to all my problems I’m not that quick to remember what I need to do. As everyone else in the world, I like to fix it myself and sometimes God’s timing isn’t quick enough for me. So I think I can get around the system and find a shortcut and then after wasting even more time and more stress I realize I need to release.

    • Love your transparency here, Leona! And you are NOT alone. I have tried to figure it all out a few times and always find myself saying “fix it Jesus!”

      So happy this serves as a reminder for you.

  • Norma Jarrett


  • Nakeia, thank you for sharing your amazing perspective on walking with God as a life coach. I loved the journaling exercise. I plan to try this in my quiet time. I’m actually taking notes on your blog post so I remember to implement your ideas. I’ve realized lately that I do a lot of talking “at” God instead of listening for His words of wisdom. Blessings to you!

    • Wow…Thanks Kendra!

      Happy to hear that you found something to add to your time with God.
      I can totally relate to moments of talking at God. It takes practice, so I am constantly working on that.

      Thanks for the blessings.
      Sending some your way as well!

    • Wow…Thanks Kendra!

      Happy to hear that you found something to add to your time with God.
      I can totally relate to moments of talking at God. It takes practice, so I am constantly working on that.

      Thanks for the blessings.
      Sending some your way as well!

  • Funmi Akinmade

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this post. ‘Finding out who you are and why you’re here’ is what I’m finally coming to terms with. My struggle has been that God hasn’t only taken me out of my comfort zones but placed me in ‘places’ so foreign to my nature. Or so I thought! I’m checking in with him to make sure my heartbeat is in rhythm with his :))