Wholeness – being wholistically well in mind, body and soul, living from a place of freedom, peace and alignment with God, while prioritizing the relationships that are most important to us.  It’s vital for our emotional, spiritual and physical well being. And the consistent pursuit of wholeness enables us to bring our whole selves authentically to the table – to our work, our communities and our families. 

But, this pursuit is not easy or something that we can approach casually. No. It requires intention, focus and bold determination. It’s an invitation we must pursue for our entire lives. Wholeness looks different for the recent college grad, the new mom, the established career woman, the entrepreneur, the non-profit worker and the minister.  

So, if we want to keep pushing forward in the purpose and plan God has for us throughout each and every season of our lives, we have to be ruthless in evaluating ourselves so that we know how we are doing in this sacred pursuit.  

So, get present, find a comfy place to settle in with your journal and a pen and take some time to check in with yourself using the 25 journal prompts below: 

My Current Season

1. What is good and exciting about my current season? 

2. What is hard about my current season? 

3. What is something I would like to change or need to change in my current season? 

4. Am I approaching any transitions? If so, how can I help prepare for them so that I am emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy to walk through the transition? 


5. How am I being intentional to have a growth mindset?  (According to author and psychologist Carol Dweck, a growth mindset is the belief that our “most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”)

6. Do I ask thoughtful questions when making decisions?  Do I keep an open mind and seek out all the necessary information before jumping into something?

7. What’s taking up most of my emotional energy right now?

8. What is the cause of any current anxiety? What do I need to surrender, accept or believe to move past it?

9. A tangible way for us to measure wholeness in our hearts and minds is whether we are walking in peace or anxiety.  Peace is God’s gift to His daughters, so take a moment to reflect on where you are trusting God’s plan and purpose for you and where you are allowing fear and anxiety to be in control.  Now, ask God to provide His peace and reveal any actions you need to take.   


10. What can I do to remind myself to take more deep breaths? Pause right now and do so. Inhale… exhale… and repeat as often as you need to.  (This is backed by science. Controlled deep breathing is proven to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety and calms the nervous system, so sit back and breath, friend!)

11. Am I practicing good self-care?  Is there anything I need to start or stop doing to practice better self-care?

12. What was my most refreshing time of self-care?  How can I implement that on a regular or semi-regular basis?  

13. How am I allowing stress to affect me? 

14. Am I prioritizing getting adequate rest and making healthy choices so that I can be there for the people in my life.  

15. How is my schedule?  Am I saying yes to things that are unnecessary, thus causing stress and overwhelm to build up in my life?  Is there anything I need to say no to? Anything I need to say yes to? 


16. When was the last time I had an authentic “no empty words” conversation with a friend?  Who can I call to get together with soon? (Consider taking it one step further even and pause right now to send that friend a text inviting them to catch up over coffee.)  

17. Does my schedule reflect that community is important to me? 

18. The last time I went through something difficult, did I let godly community in so they could see my sorrow, help and grieve with me?  

19. (If married)  Are you being your authentic self with your spouse?  Are you being intentional to spend time with your spouse? Are you serving them?  Talking about your relationship with the Lord together? Laughing together? Being romantic together?   

20. (If a parent) When is the last time you had a heart to heart conversation with your child or took the time to simply cuddle with your little one?  What do they need from you right now? How can you meet those needs? Are you feeling inadequate? Why? Remember that God is a perfect Father to His children, so take a moment to ask Him to show you the way and help you parent your sweet babies well. 


21. Am I regularly setting aside time to daily focus on God?

22. How has worship stirred my soul recently?  

23. What does my conversation with God look like throughout the day?  

24. When was the last time I read God’s Word?  What stood out to me? Do I have any questions?  Was I convicted of any sin I need to turn away from?  Is there anything the Lord impressed on my heart to start doing? (tip: These are great questions to ask yourself every time you open God’s Word.)

25. Who do I need to forgive or offer an apology? Take action now to call, text or email the person and express a heartfelt message of forgiveness or apology.  


Friend, we encourage you to allow silence in your life.  Take time now to breathe in the silence. Then, write a prayer to God.  Ask Him to show you what needs to be done to better pursue wholeness, and invite Him to help you take any actions identified while working through these journal prompts. 

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