And even though thousands of seasons of transition have been passed through, this one is still allowed to feel hard. You’re not failing when you bristle at every bump in the road. You’re not weak for wanting the wind to die down.

Just remember to keep your eyes open, even just a crack. To hold on to the arms and hands of those close to you. Because you’re doing it. You’re walking through something hard once again. Learning and growing again.



And on days you wake already worn out with waiting for your heart to find its footing, remember your two feet have carried you here. That even in those moments you fear trusting your anxious mind, your legs were brave and brought you here. Your arms showed courage and kept reaching out. Sometimes it takes external actions of monotony to shift the currents within. Your heart will find its footing. Keep moving forward.



There are days you will feel angry from fear. Like a growling dog that has been pushed into a corner, feeling bullied by the hard things in life. But just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s bad.

And just because it brings the worst out of you doesn’t mean it’s time to stop pushing forward. You can feel angry and afraid and still wake up with a thankful heart. You can feel like a stormy chaos and still let in the light and warmth of people around you. By thankfully receiving and noticing the good, you will find the space and hope to breathe deep again.



It’s been a long week and you’re tired from doing the small hard things no one is clapping for. Those things that don’t seem so life-giving after all. The jobs that make you question your purpose and place when your mind is left alone to think. But I hope you know, in that space of tired and trying that you are doing a good job. That by partnering with Grace, your corner of this world is growing, even when you don’t feel you have much sunlight to give.



And on dark days when you forget who you are supposed to be, call for courage to help you find the people with embers in their eyes.  And sitting in their hopeful warmth, may you remember that you too, are capable of carrying light.