Confucius said, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” So much powerful, yet simple, wisdom in that quote. So what happens when you align your passion with your profession? Often times you’ll feel more fulfilled, in knowing that what you love to do can be your full-time focus. However, as many can attest that when you love what you do it’s hard to put boundaries around it. It tends to spill over and blur the lines of work and life. If we’re not intentional about setting the right boundaries and taking time to rest we’ll find ourselves exhausted, grouchy and even invisible to our families. Now, work is good for your soul, especially if you love the mission you’re working towards. However in order to continue to produce creative, innovative, and amazing work your soul needs to find rest and reboot often.

I’ll tell you a little secret. Your mission will take much longer than you anticipated, cost much more than you budgeted for and require much more grunt work before you see the glorious work which probably drew you to your path in the first place. The key for sustainable and long-term success is to create rest stops along the way. It takes discipline and intention to create and respect the commitments you’ve set out for rest. Don’t allow your passion for work to burn you out. Embrace the journey and make it worthwhile for you, your soul, and your family. A better you is better for everyone.

Here are 3 ways to help you find rest in your hustle:

Keep it short and sweet

Finding rest doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Yes we’re busy bees and trying make time for ourselves always seems like an impossible task, but it’s really a matter of prioritization. Think about what are some rest stops you can take daily? You’ll be surprised at how powerful short and sweet pauses can be for your overall well-being. The key is knowing the things that uniquely replenish you. Here are a few ideas:

Experiencing the beauty in nature (This can be as simple as taking a short walk outside)
Exercising (Doesn’t it feel so good when you’re done with a workout?)
Journaling (Here are 25 topics that can help you get started)
Grabbing coffee with a friend
Taking a nap (adults take naps too!)

Turn your calendar into your self-care police

Set it and forget it! For those of us who live by our calendars, know that if it’s not scheduled then it doesn’t exist. Far too often we use our calendars exclusively for work or family errands. Use it to schedule your rest stops. What would change about your routine if your master calendar also became your self-care advocate? Can you imagine getting a calendar notification that reminds you about an activity that’s going to bring rest to your soul? Whether it’s a 30 minute break or day trip, make sure that you’re using your calendar to keep you on track for a rhythm that is filled with rest.

Book it like a boss!

Sometimes we need more than a 15 minute walk in nature. Eventually, we’ll need to completely unplug and get away. So, planning a vacation is a must whether that means a staycation or a weekend trip. Ideally you’re taking a vacation at least once a year, but how lovely would it be if you took a vacation 2-4 times a year? Can you take a weekend trip or break every 3 months? A life-filling vacation doesn’t have to be expensive or take up a week. You just have to be willing to make the plans, budget for it, book it, and respect it. Your future self will thank you for it!

The success of finding rest in the hustle is to first believe that you need it, and second to respect the time you’ve set aside for it. A few months ago Roberto (my hubby) and I knew that at this very moment we’ll be in the thick of a ton of transitional work. He recently quit his job to support G&V and to pursue more purposeful work, we took a roadtrip across the country to relocate to Colorado, and we’re setting up a new office space in Boulder. But, as I write this article we’re in the midst of experiencing rest in the hustle. We’re at a beautiful beach in Mexico. We knew our soul would need some rest. So we’re using this time to pray and plan out the details for our next season. It also means that Grit & Virtue will be taking some time to rest as well. We’ll be pausing our blog and social media postings for this upcoming week.

So, as you consider your rest stops make sure they align to your heart. Your mission, family, and friends deserve having a version of you that is full of life. Rest well.

My prayer is that you also yield to the rhythms of God’s grace for your life. May you reflect and redirect your daily activity to align to what’s best for your soul and not culture’s expectation for your life. Don’t allow false timelines or the agenda of others to dictate your work or life. May you pause and experience His embrace and receive permission to find rest in the hustle. His love for you travels higher, wider and deeper than you’ll ever know. Lay your burdens at the feet of the cross today, all the stress, fears and anxiety that flood your mind. He sees you and cares about every detail of your life. You’ve been chosen. Chosen to live a life of wisdom, influence and impact but most importantly you’ve been called to live a life of Freedom. Start today and live each day more fulfilled than ever before!

Charlena Ortiz

An accredited life & business coach, writer, and founder of Grit & Virtue. My passion is found in helping you on your journey of becoming who you were created to be, while living out your mission with clarity, conviction and confidence.

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