I remember a time when I planned every aspect of my life down to the minute, only to find myself running in circles. It was like meticulously following a map, only to realize it led me back to where I started. 

That’s when I understood: without God in my plans, I was merely tracing circles, not making strides.

In our fast-paced world, planning has become a cornerstone of efficiency and success. We meticulously plot out our days, weeks, and years, often relying solely on our understanding and foresight. But is there a dimension to planning that we’re missing? What happens when we invite God into this process?

Let’s explore the transformative power of planning with God, a journey that goes beyond our limited vision to embrace divine guidance.


The Limitations of Planning Alone

When we plan based solely on our understanding, we often hit boundaries. Our knowledge is limited, our foresight imperfect. We set goals based on what we think is best, but sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads, feeling lost or unfulfilled. The reason? We’re navigating with a map that has its limits.

In contrast, planning with God opens us up to an omniscient perspective – one that sees beyond the constraints of our immediate surroundings and into the grander scheme of our lives.

Proverbs 16:3 (NIV) states, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” This powerful scripture is not just a suggestion; it’s a directive for a fulfilled life. It implies that when we align our plans with God’s will, our paths gain a purpose that transcends our personal ambitions.

This alignment doesn’t mean relinquishing control; rather, it’s about co-creating our life with the ultimate creator.


The Benefits of Planning with God

Inviting God into our planning process brings numerous benefits. It provides clarity in the midst of confusion and peace in times of uncertainty. It ensures that our goals are not just self-serving but serve a higher purpose.

Planning with God often leads to outcomes that are more enriching and fulfilling than we could have orchestrated on our own.

So, how do we practically plan with God? It starts with prayer – a conversation where we lay our plans before Him and seek guidance. It involves meditating on scriptures, seeking Godly counsel, and being attuned to the prompts of the Holy Spirit.

It’s about being open to redirection and recognizing that sometimes God’s plans may differ from ours – and that’s okay.


Overcoming the ‘Go-It-Alone’ Mindset

Letting go of the ‘I can handle it all’ mindset can be challenging, but it’s essential for spiritual growth. Embracing planning with God means acknowledging our limitations and trusting in His limitless power. It’s a journey from self-reliance to divine reliance.

In essence, planning with God isn’t about losing control; it’s about gaining a partner in our endeavors.

When we align our plans with His will, we embark on a journey that leads to true fulfillment and purpose.


A Resource to Help

To help in this journey, the Grit & Virtue Annual Planner is designed to be more than a planning tool. It’s a guide for integrating your faith into your daily and yearly plans. Packed with assessments, planning sheets, and reflective exercises, this planner is an ideal companion for anyone seeking to align their life with God’s vision. 

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