Life is a journey of ebbs and flows, ups and downs, and ever-changing seasons. When these shifting seasons come, the growing pains we experience can be very real. As someone who has navigated their fair share of family drama, career changes, and of course, the trials of young adulthood, I’ve learned a few things along the way. We may not be able to avoid the many pivots life throws at us, but we can certainly lean into others and find the support we need through guiding mentor voices.

The last time I wrote for Grit and Virtue, I shared how mentorship has been a valuable resource that has helped me grow, adapt, and ultimately become the woman I am today. Throughout the years, I’ve sought out mentors who have helped me navigate the different facets of my life. From building community in my post-collegiate years, to growing my business, and everything in-between, my mentors have served as some of the most influential individuals in my life thus far. They’ve stood beside me in the mountain-top moments as well as some very deep valley seasons. 

It’s because of the strong relationships I have with my mentors that I‘ve been able to successfully navigate the ever changing seasons of my life, no matter what circumstances come my way. And now I want to help you understand how you can do the same.

No One was Created to do Life Alone – Relational Mentors

The truth is, we were made for relationships. We desire them, long for them, and sometimes we idolize them. Though the type of relationship may vary for each of us (marriage, dating, friendship, etc.) we all have connections that require intentionality to navigate, grow, and strengthen. This is why it’s so valuable to find a mentor who can model for you what healthy connectedness looks like. Mentors are capable of providing unique perspectives when it comes to building community and cultivating relational health.

Drawing upon their own experiences, mentors can help you better understand your own role within a relationship. When life happens in your relationships, mentors can show you how to handle conflict with grace and compassion. They can teach you how to strengthen your relationships through nurturing transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity. Whatever relational season you find yourself in – whether it’s establishing community in a new city, building relationships at school or work, or strengthening existing friendships – it’s important to find a mentor who can speak to your circumstances, challenge you to grow, and support you throughout the process.

Shortcut the Distance – Career Mentors

You’ve probably heard the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” And that certainly applies to navigating the professional world. We all want to experience growth and acceleration in our careers, but often, we look at the long road toward career advancement and simply don’t know how to get there. It may feel impossible right now to get to where you want to be, but that’s why a career mentor is a key component to your professional acceleration and growth. Finding a mentor in your industry can help you identify a career path that will propel you toward the success you desire. Career mentors who have gone before you can use what they’ve learned to propel you further, faster.


They can do things like, help you navigate the politics of your field, coach you on how to engage with leaders, and help you shortcut the distance to reach your goals. Finding a mentor in your industry is also beneficial because they can help you better navigate the specific nuances within your field of work. Again, we are not meant to do life alone, and that applies to your career as well. A career mentor can help shape the trajectory of your career and serve as a vital asset to your professional development. 

Navigating the Highs and Lows – Faith Mentors

Realistically, none of us make it through life without experiencing varying levels of deep pain and unspeakable joy. I’ve seen first-hand how mentorship offers us the ability to navigate life’s mountain-top highs and valley lows with a deep richness of faith through it all. Mentors play a unique role in our faith journey and are the individuals we invite to walk alongside us, speak truth into our lives, and ultimately, point us back to Jesus.

Faith mentors are the ones who are not afraid to meet you in your pain and sit with you as you process. And they are the same ones to offer a helping hand to lift you up and remind you of the truth. The best part about mentors who walk alongside you throughout your spiritual journey? Well, they are the ones who celebrate BIG with you in seasons of growth and milestone moments.  Faith mentors are there to help you cultivate humility, navigate relationships with love and compassion, and understand how to walk with Jesus with longevity, no matter what season you’re in. 

Whether you’re looking for someone to help you strengthen your relationships, provide career advice, or help you navigate your faith journey – my hope is that I’ve illustrated just how valuable mentors can be in every facet of life. Unlike most relationships, mentors have a path to provide unsolicited advice because they are being invited into your life. They do not serve to restrict or remove your agency, but rather to serve as a voice of authority and a sounding board offering wise counsel that empowers you to make decisions that best align with what you know is the next best step for you in life. Combining their perspective and experiences, mentors are able to help you shortcut the distance to a more rich, joyful, and free life. I hope my experiences have encouraged you to pursue mentorship in this season and reminded you of the power that inviting others into our lives can hold.