If I’ve learned anything in the last 5 years, it’s that everyone needs a mentor. No person on earth is truly self-made, and I’m no exception. Mentorship offered the push I needed to rise up in my business, my marriage, and my life. The reality is, I’ve always been passionate about mentorship (I even wrote a book about it, What They Taught Me: Recognizing The Mentors Who Will Take You From Dream To Done), but it was when I started my business, became a wife, and stepped into the life I wanted to live, that my eyes were truly opened to see the valuable role mentors play in shaping our futures.

Over the years, I’ve leaned on the shoulders of strong women who took me under their wings and taught me how to make the jump from dreamer to doer, how to walk in wholeness embracing who I am, and how to thrive in every season of life. Their expert wisdom, guidance, and helpful hands are what helped me find my voice, pursue my dreams, navigate married life, build a 6-figure business, overcome obstacles, grow in my character, release my first book, and so much more. 

I’ve experienced the lasting effects of how one person’s belief in you can be the extra push you need to do incredible work. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without the women who invested in me and ultimately changed my life. And I want to share a few tips to help you experience the same fruit from mentorship that I have.

Fact: You Need A Mentor

Mentorship isn’t just meant for church small groups, or lunch-and-learns while climbing the corporate ladder. It can be a powerful tool that can propel you forward in any season of life. We all need relationships that will come alongside us, pour into us, and propel us toward our full potential. 

While you can certainly choose to go through life alone, I’m here to tell you there can be tremendous fruit from inviting a guiding voice to join you along the way. Time and time again, it has helped me shortcut the distance to success. And by success, I mean success on your own terms – whether that’s developing a sustainable business, building a thriving marriage, or creating a life you love – or all of the above! 

A mentor who you look up to and who has gone before you is a game-changer. They serve as a catalyst, propelling you forward, helping you establish the correct path toward success. When chasing an audacious dream, it can be easy to lose focus or become overwhelmed by the inevitable challenges you face along the way. Often, a mentor can help provide perspective and advice to help you overcome obstacles and avoid big mistakes that have the potential to yield even bigger consequences. Trust me, having someone you trust that can help you avoid mistakes and see what you can’t is the way to go. Mentorship offers the source of encouragement you need to keep your relentless pursuit alive, even when you lose sight of your dream.

Mentors also provide the crucial element of accountability. They help keep you on track and when you begin to stray, they help provide course-correction to stay on the path to your goals. They are the ones who will encourage you to continue walking in the life you say you want, because, like you, they are committed to your dream. 

And of course, mentors will be your biggest cheerleaders. They are the ones who will lift you up, celebrate the small stuff (and of course the big stuff too) and champion you every step of the way. 

You might be asking yourself, where The Heck Do I Find A Mentor?

Finding the right mentor, who can provide the guidance and support you need to create the success you desire, starts with getting involved in a community that has shared values.

This community could be a local church, a book club, a mom’s meetup, a young entrepreneurs association, a running club, etc. There are plenty of ways to meet people with shared values, so pick the one most important to you in this current season and start there. Aside from determining where you might meet a mentor, also think through what type of mentoring relationship you are looking for. Is it mentorship on your parenting journey? If so, look for the seasoned mamma in your runners’ club. Is it a mentor for your faith walk? A church small group might be the right place to start!

In today’s world (especially in the wake of COVID) meeting others in person may feel inaccessible. Online communities are a great alternative for meeting others with shared values. The online space offers communities for everything from faith, to hobbies, to business and beyond. 

BUT…Time For Some Real Talk

Let’s get real here, finding a mentor can be like the very worst part of dating. Meeting new people feels uncomfortable and being vulnerable is even more unsettling. It feels awkward putting yourself out there and taking a risk. And, worst of all, there’s the fear of rejection.

Trust me, I totally get it…

The truth is, none of us can reap the rewards of human connection without putting ourselves out there, meeting other people, and making an effort to cultivate transparency. 

Yes, there will be some duds, and there may be some “no’s,” along the way. Not everyone will be the perfect match for you, not everyone will align with your dream, and that’s okay. In the quest for building human connection, there will certainly be missed connections along the way. But I encourage you to keep at it.

I promise, when you find your match in a mentor, the investment you receive is going to be worth the risk of putting yourself out there.

Regardless of how you define success, inviting someone in, who can provide wisdom, help you navigate specific facets of life, and encourage you to reach your highest potential, allows you to cultivate a greater sense of fullness and freedom in the many hats you, as a woman, wear.  

I encourage you to take the risk, join a group, and ask the women in your life for support and advice. As you do, I know you’ll begin to witness the value and experience the beauty that mentorship provides.

  • What have you found helpful in looking for mentors in your life?  Let’s share our best practices with each other!  
  • What is one way that you can put yourself out there and find a mentor?  

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Kelsey Chapman

Kelsey Chapman is a BIG believer in the power of women championing one another. She attributes where she is today to the impact of her own incredible mentors, who took her under their wing and taught her how to build a life of freedom, fullness, and joy. Today, Kelsey has put on the mentor hat herself and encourages hundreds of women through her Radiant community, podcast, and book What They Taught Me - because she believes we can go further TOGETHER.

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