“Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours.”

That simple yet powerful prayer led me to launch Grit & Virtue in 2015. As a coach, I wanted to partner with God to take the impact I saw with my clients and scale it to impact thousands of other women.

As we all know, anything worth pursuing takes time, commitment, and investment which has held true on this journey. However, the last eight years have been filled with growth and extraordinary God moments:

  • We have grown our reach to over 100,000 women who we connect with weekly
  • We authored and published devotions that over 250,000 women have embraced
  • We’ve designed and scaled a stationary product line, The Journal Collection
  • We’ve equipped over 200 women leaders to facilitate and host gatherings in their communities

There are countless other highlights and testimonials, but what’s most important is that we’ve done this by walking with you, our community, and listening to what you need in any given season.

A few years ago, we surveyed over 3,000 women, receiving breathtaking qualitative data, understanding the heartbeat, challenges, and desires of women on a mission, and applying those insights to everything we do.

The Deeper Why Behind
a Membership Program

As a multi-ethnic woman, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges that I not only faced when building my business but the countless other minority women who I’ve supported over the years.

Here’s the thing, building a business as a woman who doesn’t have the support system, “the uncle on wall street,” the generational business acumen, the “blueprint” is nothing short of a consistent uphill battle.

And even when we start a business, stats show that Latina and Black women linger at the bottom of the charts when it comes to earning revenue and scaling our operations. Not for lack of drive, conviction, or work ethic, but simply because, most times, we are trying to figure it out alone and don’t have a support system around us.

On top of this, as Christian women, we operate to a different beat, a rhythm anchored in our faith and family.

The question is, how do we do it well and not lose ourselves?
How do we build generational wealth and honor God?
How do we journey with a community that prioritizes their relationship with Jesus, family, and work?

This is the WHY behind our membership program.

We believe that you can overcome these challenges and achieve your business goals with the right resources, coaching, and support. 

We believe that building successful businesses, or simply just other income streams, is the key to creating a better financial future for ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

The Grit & Virtue Membership exists to help you achieve this goal, helping you leave a legacy for future generations while you pursue a life well-lived. 

christian coaching

Introducing the
Grit & Virtue Membership

The Grit & Virtue Membership is a private coaching program that empowers Christian women to build and grow a profitable business while prioritizing their spiritual well-being.

Our membership program combines proven coaching methods with spiritual formation practices to help you discover your purpose, build a sustainable business, and scale it to new heights – all while staying true to your values and personal growth.

Whether you’re recovering from burnout, seeking sustainable rhythms, or looking for accountability and guidance in your life and business, the Grit & Virtue Membership is here for you.

So, what’s included?

Here’s what you can expect as a member:

Life & Business Coaching

Quarterly deep-dive private coaching sessions that offer personalized guidance. Support to help you overcome challenges, develop new strategies, and stay motivated on your journey. Group coaching and events are great, but nothing beats sitting down with your coach to map out the work in front of you.

Grit & Virtue Oasis

A monthly online SoulCare Retreat. Hello! A dedicated time to “Come Away” and be with God in community with other like-minded women. A place where you will practice hearing from God, find peace, and learn how to align to a healthy rhythm.


Workshops allow us to learn and get to work in a group setting. We’ll dive into a wide range of relevant topics for your journey.

The Growth Journey

Our five categories of customized and curated curriculum will guide you on your growth journey:

  • MakeSpace for Soul Care
    Learn how to prioritize your soul-care and nurture your relationship with God to stay grounded, centered, and resilient in the face of challenges and opportunities.
  • Mindset & Identity
    Cultivate a growth mindset, overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt, and align your identity in Christ, developing a strong sense of self-worth and purpose.
  • Mission
    Discover, discern, and design your idea, career, or business. Build a solid foundation, launch and scale your business with strategy and confidence.
  • Money
    Learn how to manage your finances, give generously, and what it means to build wealth and leave an inheritance.
  • Momentum
    Learn how to create a simple plan and a master schedule that reflects your priorities and soul-care needs.

These are the features and benefits to help you understand the vision of the resources and support available to you through The Grit & Virtue Membership.


So, what’s next?

Sign up now to learn more and be among the first to know when The Grit & Virtue Membership opens for enrollment. Designed to equip you, a woman on a mission to build unstoppable momentum, become spiritually confident, and never feel alone on the journey.


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