Sometimes I wonder what I could I do with my dream business if I had unlimited resources.

If I had all the time I needed, instead of precious minutes snatched on lunch hours, before-the-sun-is-up mornings and late nights when the house is quiet?

If I had all the money I needed to hire help, instead of letting the must-be-dones rob me of time and energy for the things I’m passionate about?

If I knew how to do everything, instead of figuring it out as I go and making awkward work-arounds because I don’t know a better way?

You may have also felt the sting of limited resources … of feeling left behind others who make it look so easy. In reality, none of us have unlimited resources, and I suspect if we did, we would be totally overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

I’ve allowed my perceived lack of resources to stop me in my track at times. But I’ve come to view that needy space as God’s protection and my opportunity to experience His provision. No matter what we feel we are lacking, God will provide all the resources we need to do the thing He called us to do. We may just need to look around at what we already have.

Judges 4 tells the story of a woman who made a big impact with limited resources. It turns out, she had the perfect amount of time, money and knowledge to do exactly what God asked her to do. Here’s a little back story in case you aren’t familiar with Jael.

The Israelites defeated their oppressor’s army, but Sisera, the enemy commander, jumped out of his chariot and fled on foot while his men were slaughtered. Sisera ran to Jael’s house. Jael was married to one of his supporters, but little did he know that Jael did not share her husband’s support of the enemies of The One True God.

When God says move, move!

When Jael saw Sisera coming, she didn’t know who was coming behind him. She just knew she didn’t have much time to act. In fact, she ran out to meet him to hurry things along.

We don’t want to rush things and run ahead of God. Most of us have been there and know it is a dangerous place. But when God says, “Move”, we need to move and not waste the little bit of time we have.

Jael may not have had much time, but she had other resources she wisely used to make an impact. She made up for her lack of time by applying her financial resources and her knowledge.

What you have is more important than what you don’t

As she was welcoming Sisera into her home, Jael gave him a blanket to make him comfortable. When he asked for water, she upgraded him to milk. She led him to a quiet place to lay down and rest.

Jael was creative in using her financial resources. She used the things she had on hand to meet Sisera’s physical needs and put him in a compromising position.

When we are looking for resources to solve a problem, it may not be our money, but rather, our possessions that God puts in play. When we hold our possessions loosely, God will show us incredibly creative ways to use what we have to meet needs, bless others and magnify our time.

Use the skills already in your toolbox

Jael was the woman of the house in a nomadic society. They packed up and moved often. Every time they relocated, she had to set up the household tent. Jael knew her way around a hammer and a tent peg. And she put that knowledge to good use.

As Sisera was sleeping, she drove a tent peg right through his head! The Lord delivered Sisera into the hands of this woman and used her to win a war.

Here’s the extraordinary thing about what Jael did. Her skill with hammers and tent pegs was nothing special. Every woman in her area could do the same thing. It was common, everyday knowledge.

God doesn’t need you to have any special skills or abilities to run hard after the dream He has planted in you. He will use your ordinary to do something extraordinary. He only asks for your willing heart so He can use what you have to make up for what you don’t.

Resources are precious. Whether it is our time, money or knowledge, our dreams will cost us something valuable. So let’s make it worth that cost. Giving God control of all our resources, being dependent on Him to provide, ensures that our resources will be used wisely and all our gaps will be filled.


Instead of fretting over what you don’t have, focus on what you do. What everyday resources are available to be used for greater impact?