How’s your love life?

January rolls in, and we’re all about setting goals and launching into action. As Women on a Mission, we’re no strangers to dreaming big and aiming high.
But in this goal-setting state, let’s take a moment.

Have we thought about what our hearts long for in love and companionship?


Pause and reflect:

Amidst the rush of career goals, wellness goals, spiritual goals, is the aspect of love and partnership quietly coasting on auto-pilot?

In chasing professional milestones, are we missing out on the milestones of the heart?

Remember, God’s design for us isn’t limited to achievements and accolades.


Let’s remember the fullness of God’s design for us:

  • He created us for connection – to experience the thrill of deep understanding and unspoken bonds.
  • For sharing joys and challenges – someone to laugh with in moments of joy, and a shoulder to lean on during trials.
  • For spontaneous joyrides – adventures shared, exploring the world hand in hand.
  • For movie nights and cuddles – those quiet, intimate moments that speak volumes in their simplicity.
  • For a partner who fights for us – someone who stands by our side, championing our dreams and protecting our hearts.
  • For shared dreams and goals – building a future together that’s richer than any solo pursuit.

Whether it’s nurturing the bond with your current partner or creating room for a future love, it’s about making love a priority. As you sketch out this year’s plans, make sure there’s space for love in the blueprint.

12 Journal Prompts on Finding Love

  1. Reflecting on Priorities: “What does a balanced life look like for me, and how do my career and personal relationships fit into this picture?”
  2. Exploring Desires: “What qualities do I seek in a partner, and how do they complement my life goals and values?”
  3. Self-Discovery: “In what ways have I allowed my career to influence my personal life, and what changes can I make to bring more harmony between the two?”
  4. Understanding Fears: “What fears or apprehensions do I have about pursuing a romantic relationship alongside my career, and how can I address them?”
  5. God’s Plan: “How do I perceive God’s role in guiding me toward a loving and supportive partnership?”
  6. Time Management: “How can I better manage my time to nurture both my professional ambitions and my personal relationships?”
  7. Personal Growth: “In what ways can a loving relationship contribute to my personal and professional growth?”
  8. Past Reflections: “Reflecting on past relationships, what lessons have I learned that can guide me in finding a harmonious balance with my career?”
  9. Ideal Partnership: “What does an ideal partnership look like in the context of supporting each other’s career and personal aspirations?”
  10. Communication and Compromise: “How do I envision communication and compromise working in a relationship where both partners have ambitious career goals?”
  11. Future Visioning: “What are my hopes and dreams for a relationship, and how do they align with my career trajectory?”
  12. Action Steps: “What practical steps can I take this year to open myself up to the possibility of love and companionship while excelling in my career?”