I see you. I know you. We are feeling the same. I get it.

You didn’t get that opportunity.
Your husband didn’t get that promotion.
Your prayer hasn’t been answered.
Your pregnancy test was negative.
Your business has slowed down.
You’re still waiting.


She did.
Her husband did.
Her’s was.
Her’s was positive.
She’s killing the direct sales and business life.
They aren’t.

It hurts, I know. You want to be happy for them, but you can’t.

I get it.

In the hurt I catch myself saying ugly things. Condemning them for their achievements. Comparing them to you, and you to them.

They’re lucky
Somebody made a mistake
They think they are better than us
They are better than us
We deserve that, they don’t.

Things that are not true. Things that aren’t speaking life to my soul, or theirs.

I’m competing comparing and condemning. I’ve made the easy choice, instead of the right choice.

Friend, those who succeed are not our enemies.

What if we chose to remember that, instead of let the hurt take over? What if we chose to replace the culture of competition and condemnation with a culture of celebration?

There is always something that can and should be celebrated. If we chose to celebrate more, I believe hearts would be healed. Waiting would become easier. Hope would stay intact.

Because replacing a culture of competition with a culture of celebration isn’t for them, it’s for you.

Our social media saturated society has tricked us to believe that it’s a competition. The news is always showing us two (or more) people that are against each other. Words are thrown around like they mean nothing, tearing people down as they fly.

We live in a culture of competition and condemnation.

If culture is the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group. Then it most certainly can be changed, and it starts with us.

You aren’t in competition with her, or him, or them. Chances are you’re not in the same lane, much less even on the same track. When you think that you are, you’re only hurting yourself.

If we can learn to celebrate friends, both in our real world and social media world, it will become easier to create a culture of celebration in all areas of our lives. And when we do, we will see change.

With your spouse:
If you are creating a culture of celebration within your marriage, you move from speaking (and focusing on) negatives to positives. Your spouse will feel seen, known, loved, and valued.

In your parenting:
If you are creating a culture of celebration in your parenting, you’ll stop comparing your kids and parenting style to the social media standards. Your eyes will be opened to see the specially especially special that is your kiddo.

Work Team:
Whether you’re the boss or just a coworker, creating a culture of celebration will have an impact on the environment. Walls will fall down, people will flourish, relationships & connections can become better than before.

We have to stop just celebrating titles, numbers, and milestones and instead celebrate individuals.

If we started having a checklist of what we celebrated, and paid more attention to the individuals on our team, we then create a culture of people who work hard because they feel seen and appreciate. Your people will thrive where they are and in who they are.

You will thrive where you are and in who you are.