What exactly is a mompreneur? At first glance, she’s a mother who also happens to be an entrepreneur. She runs a family and she runs a business.


She raises a family and runs a business.

Hold on…

She at times runs a business and raises her family, and other times feels like she’s running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

Ah, that’s more like it.

So how is a mompreneur different from a regular entrepreneur?

I mean, she still goes through the ups and downs of creating and running a business she is passionate about. She still has to deal with deadlines and mundane tasks. She has to balance taking care of herself and taking care of business like any other entrepreneur.

On the outside she may seem put together, smart and competent at her craft. She’s probably doing things that make other people wonder if she secretly has an IV full of coffee at her bedside.

She can juggle many different projects in one hand while doing elementary school algebra in the other hand while simultaneously surfing Pinterest for gluten-free recipes with her big toe.

WARNING: This level of awesomeness might cause people to take a second glance and wonder how she does it all.

People have indeed asked me that very question many MANY times. “Dija, how in the world do you surf Pinterest with your big toe?” And my answer is always very simple: “Not after I take my melatonin for the night.”

Confessions of a Mompreneur:


But seriously, behind my perfectly shaped eyebrows…
[Confession: I can’t remember the last time I plucked them]

trendy fashion style…
[Confession: I do the sniff test and if it passes I wear it]

manicured nails…
[Confession: short and sweet is the only thing practical for my life right now]

superb organizational skills…
[Confession: My phone is my second brain]

and keeping my kids so busy with educational activities that they never watch TV.
[Decoy Confession: They have on occasion watched TV while I check emails…..Real Confession: They’ve watched a movie and then played 2 hours of video games while I finished editing a video for Youtube.]

Underneath all of this awesomeness lies a real woman who has insecurities, days of comparison, and longs for days when her stomach doesn’t remind her of a deflated souffle.
[Confession: I can’t believe I just shared that.]

I’m a creative lifestyle blogger, actor and filmmaker. I work every day to share a message of inspiration to those who need some encouragement to follow their dreams.

But I struggle as well, just like you.

I struggle with more than what you see on the outside. There’s the struggle of knowing if I’m making the right choices in my business or if I really have what it takes to be successful. And the struggle of not making the best dinners, a messy house, and sometimes not fitting in. What I dream of doing with my life and my business seems so much bigger than me at times.

And then when I can’t take anymore of feeling inadequate I find myself at the end of myself. No more ideas, no more plans, no more creative juice.

And He is there.

My heavenly Father. The one who created me in His image. The One, who in His gracious love, created a plan for my life.

When I’m done trying to write my own story and forge my own path He gently guides me into quiet restoration by His waters. There I can be filled back up so I can love my family better than before.

He is there to hear the true confession of my heart.

My true Confession: God, I need you. I need your strength. I need your direction. I need your guidance so I don’t follow the flashy lights, and the false promises, and the empty hope of perfection. Today I lost my temper because I was stressed. I stood you up for our devotional date because I got caught up on social media. I’m afraid of putting my work out there for the world to see.

Ah Freedom.

My advice to beginning mompreneurs:


  1. Remember that what you are learning as a mom is preparing you for your business as well.
  2. Do not take lightly learning how to help your children get along because one day you will be building your team.
  3. Learning to manage your children’s schedule trains you to manage yours better
  4. Finding deals for a beautiful home on a budget makes you better and managing your business finances.
  5. Working to make your marriage better will help you understand how you can lead with love.
  6. Most of all, don’t be afraid to confess what’s really going on those hard days. We’ve all been there, my sister.

And we can all help each other get to the finish line together.

What are some of your confessions? Come on, join us in some real talk below.

Dija Henry

Dija lives in Indiana with her husband and three children. She is an actor, filmmaker and writer. Confession: She has a dream to travel the world with her family, make a superhero movie, and finish decorating her new house before Christmas.

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