We’re all born with a special combination of skills, talents and interests we’re meant to use to help others and make this world a better place.

They’re the passions that make you lose track of time. The talents your friends compliment you on. The soft skills that are second nature to you and that make you who you are.

These strengths are so natural to you, you struggle to recognise their importance and that these are the very things that you’re meant to do with your life. They’re gifts you’re meant to employ in your career or use to start your own business.

If you don’t know where to start to identify them, here are 5 easy ways to find your gifts (even if you don’t think you have any):

How did you Spend Your Time as a Child? 

Go back to those carefree days when you thought everything was possible. How did you spend your days? What activities couldn’t you get enough of? What were you obsessed with?

Maybe you’d get lost in books for days and then emerge from your fantasy world to jot down short stories, biographies of your fave historical characters, and magazine articles.

Or you were a bit of a tomboy who loved playing sports, going camping, and any activity that allowed you to connect with Mother Nature.

Or you loved baking pies with your grandma, always offered to help organise birthday parties for every member of your family, and even had tea parties with your dolls.

Your childhood passions hold important clues about which career or business you’re meant to pursue as an adult.

When do you Feel the Most Alive Now? 

What do you love doing so much, you lose track of time? What lights you up and makes you jump out of bed excited in the morning? What are you obsessed with now?

Maybe you get lost in books. Or you lose track of time when you’re writing articles for your blog or working on your first novel. Or you’re excited about making your own skincare products. Or learning a new language.

You have these passions for a reason. Pursue them.

What Comes Easily to You? 

What have you been doing easily all your life, without even realising it? What do people tell you you’re good at that leaves you feeling like, “why are they making such a big fuss about it, it’s so easy?” What comes effortlessly to you?

Maybe you’re the go-to glam girl for your girlfriends. Or you have a knack for polishing resumes that get people their dream interviews. Or you’re great at putting together outfits that make women feel beautiful and confident. Or you’re a peacemaker and know how to de-escalate conflicts and come to a peaceful agreement.

These talents come so natural to you, it’s easy to take them for granted. Yet, there are many people who are struggling with them and who could use your help.

Ask Your Family and Friends 

Let me guess: by now you’ve got several gifts on your list but your Inner Mean Girl is shouting: “those aren’t gifts! They’re stuff everyone can do and there ain’t nothing special about that.” But what your Inner Mean Girl calls normal, to someone else is a gift – one they often wish they had. So, go ahead and ask your family and friends what your strengths and gifts are. You’ll be amazed by their answers.

Take a Test 

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what your gifts are. Even so, I do recommend you take an online test, like the StrengthsFinder test or the VIA Character Strengths Survey. Although there’s often a small fee involved, these tests are very helpful in detecting skills – particularly soft skills – that are easy to oversee (often because you don’t even realise they’re skills!) and show you how to implement them in the real world.

For example, one of the skills in the StrengthsFinder Test is Input, the ability to collect and archive all kinds of information. At first sight, that may not seem very valuable. Yet, it’s a very useful skill to have if you dream of a career as a librarian, researcher, journalist, writer, public speaker, or museum curator.

Nothing in life is random. You’ve been given these strengths and gifts for a reason. The more you understand them, the better able you are to choose the right career or start the right business for you, so that you can spend your days doing work you love and that makes a difference in the world.

The world needs all of your gifts, not just one.


Inspired by what you just read?  We invite you to not stop there but keep the conversation going by taking a moment to work through the following journal prompts.
  • What were your childhood hobbies and activities?  Are you still involved in any of them?  
  • What makes you feel alive? 
  • Write about the last time you accomplished something and felt really good about yourself and the work you did.  
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