Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it. (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24, ESV)

We are complex creatures, made with a spirit, soul and body – all equal parts, interconnected and not to be separated (as much as we may try).  But oftentimes, depending on our circumstances and whatever our natural tendencies are, we can neglect different areas of our complex nature in order to care for what seem to be more pressing needs.  And so often, our physical bodies, and thus our health, is the area we neglect the most.     

As women seeking to walk in wholeness in every season, we have to intentionally recognize and remember that there is a connection between our spirit, soul and body.

So, if we are seeking to develop new habits in regard to our health and well-being, we have to also engage all of who we are – spirit, soul and body.  God made every part of you, so He cares about the relationship you have with your body.   

Your body is the instrument that allows you to love others well, serve, work, create and fulfill God’s purpose for your life. What would it look like to care for ourselves well? To be grateful for the journey our bodies endured, to bless and have peace about where our body is today, and to move forward with more discipline and intention for our health and well-being.

Let’s take this moment to reset, to approach your health and well-being from a place of wholeness. This means the goal isn’t about the number on the scale, finding a cure from an illness, or comparing your body to where you used to be but rather saying yes to the journey of unlearning, then learning how we can take better care of this instrument we’ve been given, and healing the relationship we have with our physical body.

So as we walk through the following journal prompts, pause to ask God to guide you to more self-awareness and clear next steps to take. Ask him for revelation that will create the shift you need to create lasting change for not only your being, but for family, friends and the next generation that is to come. 

20 Journal Prompts for Pursuing Health and Well-being


  • When it comes to your physical health, what can you control, and what is out of your control?  Keep this in mind as you answer the following questions, and focus on what you can control.    
  • What is something you are doing right now to pursue good health? 
  • What is something you can start doing right now for your health and well-being? 
  • What is something you should stop doing right now for your health and well-being? 
  • How are you eating? Are you nourishing your body well?  What can you do to simplify this area and nourish your body well? 
  • What is a healthy food you love to eat?  Is it in your kitchen right now?  God made food and designed it to be pleasurable, so remember that eating is to be enjoyed as well as fuel for our bodies!  
  • What foods make your body feel its best?  Are there any foods that make your body feel bad?  Compare the difference you feel.  
  • How are you sleeping? How can you prioritize getting a healthy amount of sleep? 
  • Do you enjoy moving your body?  What types of activities do you enjoy doing and how can you find time to do them more?
  • What are two of your body’s greatest strengths?  Don’t forget to lean into your strengths! 
  • Are the days you exercise different from the days you don’t (not referring to recovery days, which your body needs)? How so?
  • How old will you be in 10 years? Now, imagine how you want your body to feel and move as you go through your daily routine? What can you do now to make that possible?


  • How we talk to ourselves about ourselves impacts our entire being.  What is your inner dialogue about yourself like?  Does it match up with what God says to you? 
  • Write something positive about yourself.  We always want to strive for kindness, and this should include how we treat ourselves.    
  • How does exercise affect your emotional health? Can you tell a difference in your mental outlook on the days you exercise? 
  • What are you doing on a consistent basis to care for your soul?  How do you relax, rest, and unplug? 
  • If you could do anything for a few hours today to rest and recharge, what would that be?  Can you make a plan to do that as soon as possible?  
  • Is consistency hard for you when it comes to caring for your physical health and well-being?  What’s one change you can make to remove any obstacles you typically face when building new habits.   
  • Is there someone you can ask to join you? Someone who can help you? Someone who can hold you accountable? 
  • Write a note to yourself to read when you are not feeling well, either physically or emotionally.  What are some healthy things to tell your future self to do that would make her feel better?  Is there a Bible verse that would encourage you to read on those days?

Finally, I invite you to continue to come back to this article as you pursue your journey to wellness.  Breathe deeply, inhale, exhale. Now breathe through this simple meditation and repeat as needed:  

Breathe in: “Abba sees me”, and then breathe out. 

Breathe in: “Abba cares”, and then breathe out.

Breathe in: “Abba is with me”, and then breathe out.  

May you experience the love your Heavenly Father, Abba, desires for you to grasp. You are loved, every single part of you. The being that you are – spirit, soul and body – is very good.  He promises to sanctify you, to help you in all that He calls you to do. He will not leave you. He is interested in walking with you and guiding you through this process.  May you trust Him with your struggles, allowing Him to strengthen, equip and help you with what lies ahead. May you find freedom, breakthrough and healing in every fiber of your being.  And may you find the peace that comes from living in lockstep with your Father who loves you as you pursue wholeness in every season. 

 “He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it.” (1 Thessalonians 5:24)