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Pursue a Life Well Lived

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Coaching programs designed to help you walk in wholeness and thrive in every season.

Being coached is a tangible way to unlock, uplift, and catapult a person into their fullest potential.

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The G&V Coaching Method

A coaching framework that unlocks momentum in every season. Intentionally designed with 5 key coaching stages that enable you to develop a personal and professional life plan, the G&V Coaching method helps you create a blueprint to get the results you’ve always wanted.


Why Coaching?


Do the inner work to align to what matters most.


Say goodbye to indecisiveness. Get clear on your goals.


Receive the accountability you need to follow through.


Overcome the fear and doubt that holds you back.


A Wholistic Approach for Tranformative Results

G&V Coaching addresses your goals wholistically, catering to your unique story and season of life. The plans you make about your vocation, family, health, and faith are all interconnected, and so should be the strategy that helps achieve them.

Unlike other coaching programs, G&V Coaching is intentionally designed around four core pillars: Positive Psychology, Spiritual Formation, ICF Coaching Standards, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

  • Positive psychology: Science-based research that focuses on what’s right with you in order to discover factors that contribute to a well-lived and fulfilling life.
  • Spiritual Formation: A lifestyle that integrates soul-care practices, spiritual disciplines, prayer and meditation to deepen one’s faith and spiritual growth. 
  • ICF Coaching Standards: International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting the highest standards to maximize client success both personally and professionally.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Focuses on understanding the language of your mind to renew and reprogram your beliefs to align to truth and life-giving thinking.

Our coaching process guides you on the journey to becoming who you’ve been created to be, while pursuing wholeness in every season of life.

What People Are Saying

I highly recommend Grit & Virtue to anyone looking for a coach to support them in any transition.

Phenomenal coaching with lots of wisdom, clarity, and patience. She asked powerful questions that help me figure out the answers within me while encouraging me to trust myself to take the steps necessary to move forward. She helps me see the different angles of a challenge and I always leave our sessions feeling seen, heard and understood. I highly recommend Grit & Virtue to anyone looking for a coach to support them in any transition.

Jenny Vukovcan
Your guides

G&V Coaches

Once you’re ready to kick off your coaching experience, you’ll be uniquely matched with a G&V coach who is positioned to help you find alignment, gain clarity and build momentum for your season of life.

G&V coaches are vetted, trained and equipped by us to skillfully help you take action and get results where you need it most. Think of your coach as your thought-partner and a trusted guide, there to support you every step of the way.

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Getting Started

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Fill out a short questionnaire to help us determine if our coaching program is right for you.

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Schedule your FREE 30-minute Clarity Call to help you map out the journey ahead.

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Meet your G&V Coach via video call, and take action towards your desired outcomes!

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Live Well on Purpose

SO YOU CAN... ... craft a unique andcompelling vocational vision... develop soul careand self-care practices... optimize your time,and get results... walk confidently,knowing who you are... love well, including yourself,in every season ... be proud of the legacy you’re leaving behind. Are you ready to journey together?
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Join women from across diverse industries and in different seasons with one common goal: to become a better version of themselves without the pressure, without striving

What People Are  Saying

Working with a G&V Coach was an amazing experience.

She created a comfortable space to be vulnerable and grow, all the while making tangible strides towards your goal. Her expertise, skills, and insightfulness were remarkable, and the amount of work she put in to prepare for each session is evident. I would happily recommend them to any of my friends.

Riley Brandon