A New Year’s Semi-Silent Retreat?! YES!

I want to introduce you to a fun way to begin 2018: a Semi-Silent Mini-Retreat! (Yeah, it’s a thing ? ! )

My husband and I hosted our first such retreat on New Year’s Day, as we gathered with family and friends for a time of solitude, prayer, scripture, reflection, and discussion—in community! Even after a relatively short period of time, folks felt that it provided them a much-needed way to focus, intentionally connect with God, and truly hear from him in light of their future.

We based the exercises on a series of questions we have asked ourselves each year for over 15 years; in that time we have seen God move in so many powerful ways. While I think it can be valuable to start the year with a time of setting goals, I find that a time of prayer and reflection actually prepares me best for engaging in a new calendar year. It gave us such joy to bring others into this experience and see them encounter God through it as well.

I hope and pray it might serve you and your loved ones too!

Just download and print the guide; grab your friends, your journal, a Bible, and a celebratory beverage of choice… and dive in!

It’s a simple PDF:

May this serve you well as 2018 unfolds!



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