The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
-Pablo Picasso


If you’ve been staring at that blank spot on your wall for too long, we’ve found a few ladies willing and able to help you fill that void. Choose a meaningful verse or phrase to take up that prime real estate. Perhaps something that reminds you of where you’re going, who’s in charge, or even just one that is guaranteed to make you giggle once a day.

By surrounding yourself with beautiful art, and art that has meaning, you’re setting the tone for your day. Wash that grime of apathy away. Beauty begets beauty. So bring on the pretty prints!


Jenny Highsmith Designs

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French Press Mornings

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Hand Lettering Co

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Chalk Full of Love

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Golden Paisley

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Winsome Easel

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The Hipster Housewife

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Photo: Madi Myers-Cook