If you're not enjoying the journey, then you're doing it wrong.

Charlena Ortiz



Charlena is an introverted extrovert. She loves her quiet time and recharges when she has time alone. But watch out, because when you meet her she doesn’t shake hands—she hugs. She loves to challenge you beyond your comfort zone. She’ll ask you to pray aloud in front of other people and she isn’t scared to praise God like no one is watching.

Charlena studied Business and Marketing at Philadelphia University, and went on to become certified as a coach with a focus in Positive Psychology. Her heart and journey for helping women started many years ago. As a life and business coach she followed her calling to focus solely on helping women that are building something bigger than themselves. The vision for Grit & Virtue didn’t happen overnight. It took years of helping women in business for her to realize that there was a need for a place where women can thrive, not only from a business perspective but also spiritually and holistically.

Charlena believes in a world in which every woman of God is relentlessly pursuing Christ while passionately pursuing their mission here on earth. Her dream is to create a hub, a go-to place for women on a mission thrive. To experience real connections, resources and encouragement that inspires the soul. She works side-by-side with her husband and team to steer the ship and continue to drive the vision God has placed in her heart for Grit & Virtue.

Her role at Grit & Virtue goes beyond the day-to-day and into ensuring that we’re building something honorable, noteworthy, and that we all have a ball while doing it.

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Roberto Ortiz



Roberto and his beard found each other a few years ago and they haven’t spent a day apart since. You give him an idea, a laptop, some coffee, and a sketch pad and he’ll be entertained for days. He’s on-call to give our founder kisses and massages. Don’t let him know that you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, because he’ll challenge you to do something about it instead of waiting for change to happen!

Roberto started his design and entrepreneurial journey as a teenager. He then quickly jumped into the big leagues and has worked at Lockheed Martin, Google, Yahoo, and as a consultant for startups. When given the opportunity you can find him speaking on the topics of design, diversity, and education.

His role at Grit & Virtue is hard to describe. He likes to be involved with everything from ideation to launch, branding to web development, and helping ensure we deliver high quality experiences.

Megan Stevens



Megan is never afraid to start a conversation. She wants to talk about the game last Friday, the geopolitical situation in the Middle East, and how your Grandma is doing. Wondering about some existential question? She’ll break it down and give you a concrete answer. Using proper grammar and a few em dashes for panache.

With an undergraduate degree in Classical History, the obvious path was to move to Washington, DC, and go into publishing. After a stint at Smithsonian Books, she moved on to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and simultaneously earned her Masters in Publishing. From there she took on the role of Editor at the American Council on Education, managing a quarterly magazine and editing white papers. Regardless of place, she continues on her mission of helping others communicate in the most effective and impactful manner.

A quick move to California and a baby later, Megan is now the editorial mastermind behind Grit & Virtue’s blog and website. If you see a misplaced modifier or comma splice, it’s her fault.

Anita Hurtado-Strok



Born and raised in the NY metro area, Anita defies the regional stereotype by striking up conversations with anyone and everyone she meets—much to the chagrin of the people she’s with. But it’s not just about meeting people, she’s all about building meaningful relationships so she’s able to encourage others to grow. She strongly believes that its not only what you do, but how you do it that matters. And the how always involves people.

As a chemical engineer by day, she feeds the inner nerd with a good math or science problem. But her more practical and sensible side enjoys the simple things in life, such as the comforting smell and weight of a good book in her hand, great Latin music on blast whilst cleaning the house, a delicious meal surrounded with great company and sunny days to enjoy the outdoors with her husband and son.

Anita’s focus at Grit & Virtue is to build relations with individuals and business that will enable in creating a network and community who is able to touch and change the lives of women entrepreneurs around the world.