The Best is Yet to Come
CREDITWhitney English


Grit & Virtue creates opportunities for the woman on a mission to make connections, gain exposure, and receive resources to equip her along the way.

We’re enabling our audience to join a community with similar passions and beliefs. To find the resources they need to succeed on their journey. It takes Grit, because the journey isn’t easy. There will be times that your flesh tells you to give up, but you have to persevere. It takes Virtue, because building something with purpose means ensuring that it’s honorable, based on integrity, and that it’s coming from a place of authenticity.

We’re currently headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and are excited for what the future holds.

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The Journey of Grit & Virtue


We equip women on a mission to build unstoppable momentum, become spiritually confident, and to never feel alone on the journey.



We believe that people matter. We highlight and feature women on a mission and provide a safe environment for women to connect authentically. Together, we persevere through the trials in our journey by leveraging encouragement, inspiration and motivation.


We believe in pursuing our passions and getting things done. We resource our community and help them develop daily habits of focus and accountability. Passion comes from the core of our being. With true passion we are determined to accomplish our mission at any cost.


We believe that our families should be honored and prioritized before our business. We intentionally show love to our spouses and children, and encourage others to do likewise. These are the most important relationships we have.


We believe in living out our mission with integrity. We challenge our community to live and work with high moral standards. We pursue honesty and dignity, placing our identities in Christ regardless of our circumstances.


We believe that spiritual devotion is foundational to our lives and the mission we have been called to. We pursue a personal and intimate relationship with Christ through prayer, worship and the Word of God.


We believe that every touch point of our experiences should be elevated with quality and excellence. We carry out our mission knowing that our tribe deserves the best we have to offer.