Classy & Fabulous : Fashion Blogger Roundup

A Girl Should Be Two Things, Classy & Fabulous.
-Coco Chanel



e are always on the go, and many times it’s hard to keep up with the latest looks and trends. The distressed cropped boyfriend jeans on the cover of a magazine, to the over laced sandals your best friend loves to wear, and the fedora hats you see all over Instagram—all are options just waiting to jump into your closet. But what is the look that will take you from blah to bold? To classy and fabulous.

Instead of guessing, let’s find some fashionistas who can save us a whole lot of time. We rounded up a few fashion bloggers who know how to rock personal style with class. Here is our list of fashionistas on a mission:



Alyson Haley Shepherd

Alyson Haley Shepherd is the writer and creative director behind her fashion blog Sequins & Things. We love the attention to details she gives her outfits, resulting in her polished, put-together looks. She enjoys sunshine, words, and iced coffee. Her best friend is her dog named Fish.

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Mauree Sullivan

Mauree Sullivan loves thrifting, ice cream, tea, and Glamour Magazine. She runs her fashion blog By Mauree with full intention to keep it authentic and transparent. We love a woman who keeps it real while rocking fun outfits.

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Katey McFarlan

Katey McFarlan is a style-obsessed PR enthusiast who uses Chronicles of Frivolity as a platform to help people feel a little more put together, so that they can devote a lot more time to other areas of their life. We adore how her blog makes us feel like we’re getting fashion advice from a best friend.

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Lynne Gabriel

Lynne Gabriel is a full-time personal style and fashion blogger who also owns a web design company that caters to small businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations. We’re enamored by her chic, dressy style and the name of her blog, Whatever Is Lovely, influenced by Philippians 4:8.

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Liz Larsen

Liz Larsen is the co-owner and face of Accessory Jane. We love her everyday-girl style. She is a twenty something year old single mom, business owner, fashion addict who believes a little bit of sparkle makes everything better.

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Mandy Kellogg

Mandy Kellogg Rye is a dreamer, maker, and doer. She’s inspired by the art of creating a beautiful everyday and has made it the mission of her brand, Waiting on Martha, to help others do the same in their lives. We admire her approachability and knack for curating a life filled with beauty.

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Liz Roy

Liz Roy started Downtown Demure with the ultimate goal to encourage women to live faithfully and boldly for Christ while dressing modestly yet stylishly. We’re drawn to her intentionality to discuss the motivation behind her clothing choices: her faith.

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Are you a heels or flats kind of girl? Where do you go for inspiration?
Or what are some of your fashion and beauty tips for being a women on the go?


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  • I’m truly honored to be included in this list of stylish, phenomenal women! Thank you so much for spreading a little love my way! Now I have 6 more Instagram accounts to follow. 😀

    • gritandvirtue

      @ElizabethRoy:disqus Woot! Glad to have you! Keep doing your thing. Love the look in this featured piece! 😀

  • Oh my goodness! This is so great! Thank you for this round up! I’m always so busy that I don’t have time to really study fashion like I want to. I’m working now and need to look more put together. This is so helpful!

  • Such a great round up of women with integrity! It’s such a blessing to see other women using a platform that is normally laced with comparison and materialism, for building community and sharing Jesus! So great to connect, and would love to connect further!

    • Welcome Alexis! I’m so glad you are apart of our community. Continue to engage in conversation as we build a thriving community. 😉

    • Sophia

      @alexisatarian:disqus I agree. It’s so nice to see and learn about women that are working in their passions! Love this!

  • This just makes me want to go organize my closet and make outfits! My style has changed over the years with job changes and mommy changes, but if I had to pick my favorite would be high heels. Or would it be yoga pants and a cute shirt and flats? Messy hair is so much easier to do 🙂

    • Me too Leona! Because I’m only 4’11 my go-to are heels and I’m loving my fedora hat, it’s easy yet stylish. 🙂