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Misplaced Christmas Magic

For many of us, our childhood Christmases were filled with a certain type of magic. For me, it smelled like cinnamon and coming snow and tasted like frosted sugar cookies and my grandma’s walnut [...]

What I Wish I Would Have Said

Cannon, stop please!” He keeps running, hard and fast down the dirt row lined with blueberry bushes. “Cannon,” I raise my voice, “stop now!” His little legs pick up their pace, as if my words are [...]

Death of the Dreamer

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here to say our good-byes to the Dreamer. She lit up every room she walked into and inspired others to be their best selves. The Dreamer saw things that others [...]

A Missional Word For Your Home

Restore. What does that word stir up in you? For my husband and me, it was the missional word for our home last year. Yep, you heard right- we had a mission in the first year of marriage. During [...]

How to Operate out of Abundance

Stepping out in the radiant South Dakota sun, the shower I took seemed futile as moisture immediately formed on my brow. The temperature was a raging 80 degrees plus and the humidity was [...]

4 Ways to Finish This Year Strong

Each new year brings with it a set of new aspirations. With more than half of the year behind us and the fear of the unknown in front of us, the overwhelm may begin to sink in. If you are [...]

Learning How to Walk on Water

I typed in my username and password and clicked the login button. As the whirling wheel of color began to spin, so did my mind. I put my hands over my face and peeked through the cracks as I [...]

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Women to Watch

Latasha Haynes

Latasha Haynes

Her story is inspirational to say the least. With all odds stacked against her she has conquered and continues to push through environmental and social disadvantages.