The Fountain

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Learning How to Walk on Water

I typed in my username and password and clicked the login button. As the whirling wheel of color began to spin, so did my mind. I put my hands over my face and peeked through the cracks as I [...]

A Mother Following Her Dreams

Mom.” “Mom” ‘Mooommm!” “Yes, honey, I am sorry I was thinking about something.” “What were you thinking about?” my curious one asked. “What was I thinking about??” I thought. My mind began to [...]

Moving Forward in the Midst of Fear

Mission-driven leaders know, often all too well, the debilitating effects of fear, because we so willingly launch ourselves into the unknown. We face constant fears of rejection, criticism, and [...]

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Women to Watch

Latasha Haynes

Latasha Haynes

Her story is inspirational to say the least. With all odds stacked against her she has conquered and continues to push through environmental and social disadvantages.