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Go Ahead, Brag About Your Career

We live our lives focused around our highlight reel. Our Instagrams only show us #LivingOurBestLife. We love to share who we’re with, what we’re eating for dinner and what awesome [...]

Why Are You Afraid to Fail?

Someone asked me once, “Why are you afraid to fail?” I remember wading through a bunch of half sentences until I admitted, “I don’t want to fail because I’m afraid of who that means I am. [...]

Your Harvest is in The Waiting

It was a few days after getting let go from my first “big girl job”. I was sipping coffee and with a pen and paper in my hand, I found myself asking God, “Did I miss it? Did I [...]

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Women to Watch

Latasha Haynes

Latasha Haynes

Her story is inspirational to say the least. With all odds stacked against her she has conquered and continues to push through environmental and social disadvantages.